Summer Cinema Step 1/3

During the Thursday nights of July, the Bodegas Franco-Españolas tour has a different ending. It's the sixth time that the gardens of this century-old winery turn into an improvised open-air cinema where to show cinema in V.O.S.E. Good music, gastro-bar and our Bordón wine as opening act for a shamelessly classic movie night.


*Cinema listings not confirm.

*The package of 2 tickets includes a bottle of wine for every two people to choose between: Bordón crianza / White Bordón / Pink Bordón / Diamante white / Verdejo Diamante. The price of the 2 tickets and the bottle is € 16.00.

* The movie will start at sunset.

* Bodegas Franco-Españolas will donate 1€ os each ticket to and NGO .

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