Un vino de autor 100% Garnacha, una variedad tan complicada como delicada.

Pálpito is a true reflection of the new direction of Bodegas Franco – Españolas. It is a tribute to effort, teamwork, curiosity and wisdom.

This wine is the result of many years of experience with the complicated and delicate Garnacha.

It was very hard work that is rewarded when you taste Pálpito and realise that this is such an extraordinarily elegant wine.


Garnacha grapes from old vineyards situated on very poor soil deposited by glaciers.
A year of suffering for both vines and those responsible for them as a consequence of ever-changing weather conditions.
Vines that have struggled for decades to survive and cleave greatly to their roots 600 metres up in a stony, hostile terrain that is wildly rustic.

Garnacha grapes are known as both complex and delicate, so the difficulties inherent in growing them were already abundantly clear. Thus, there was already the feeling that something big was about to happen just when they were starting to come to fruition,

…and so it did.

Never before has the heart of our winemaker beaten so fast.

Ever-changing weather conditions


Winter- The year started with abundant rainfall and very low temperatures due to Storm Filomena, meaning there was significant water accumulation for the rest of the year.

Spring- High temperatures abounded during spring, although during the days from June 8 to 10 (i.e., flowering), there was notable rainfall, leading to irregular setting. A limited vintage was expected, due to this natural selection. A high quality product was predicted.

Summer-As a result of an extremely hot and dry summer the feeling from August was that the harvest was going to be early; however, September saw more rain, thus delaying the harvest.

Autumn- Then, in October, the stars aligned sensationally: no rain fell and there was a notable contrast between night-time and daytime temperatures, so the decision was taken to wait and the grapes ripened spectacularly.  Harvesting took place on October 12, 2021.

This red wine 100% Garnacha is elaborated with grapes selected cluster by cluster, then destemmed. They ferment in 500l barrels along with the skins and are stirred several times a day, remaining at an average temperature of 28ºC.
After fermentation, the skins remain in the wine for 7 days. Malolactic deacidification takes place in semi-toasted new French and American oak barrels, with second-use barrels also employed to prevent the wine becoming too woody.
The wine is aged in these barrels for 14 months with a break every 4 months for decanting. Later, it was bottled on March 1, 2023 and continues to evolve in the bottle.

Alcoholic grade: 14,5% vol.

Appearance- Cherry red with ruby tones; a Garnacha with vibrant colours.

Nose- Complex on the nose, fresh, with good intensity. Red fruit in jam, dairy, minerals, balsam, hints of perfectly integrated roasting and toasting.

Mounth- Very well structured, flavourful, fresh, succulent, lively. A perfect balance between finesse, strength and silkiness. Predominance of fruit. High quality mild and ripe tannins. An elegant, intense finish and complex aftertaste. Outstanding typicity.

Very smooth and highly versatile in its pairing: with roasted meats (e.g., lamb or suckling pig), given the depth of the wine. Its elegance enables it to pair with rice dishes of all kinds, a delight for paella lovers to be sure.

Recommended serving temperature: 18ºC.


Gold Medal, Mundus Vini

93 points, Andreas Larsson

91 points, James Suckling


93 points, Tim Atkin